Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Basement Alchemy and Home made Dragons

So there's a fresh pile of stock coming in soon including a few new sidelines that will definitely be featured on this blog.

For now that let's have a look at an exciting little work, 'The Mysteries of Nature and Art' by John Bate written in 1634. This work is attributed with being one of the inspirations for a young Isaac Newton, a man who on multiple occasions ended up walking home having abandoned the family horse in town due to being too stuck in a book.

'The Mysteries' is a collection of experiments and realisations about physics and chemistry, but what its focused on is telling you how to make a variety of fireworks, water wheels and other exercises for the mind.

This is actually a collection of smaller books, each dedicated to an area of experimentation including natural science, fireworks and creating pigments.

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